Saturday, November 11, 2017

Changing of the Seasons

     The cold has finally popped its ugly head up here on the farm. Wood is being drug in from the recent downed tree. Still waiting on my husband’s last bit of money to come from his settlement to get all the rest of the stuff we need to get ready to build a roof. The red tape is so frustrating. They tell you one and a half weeks and mean whenever they get around to it. Sad how government works when you truly need the help. The cold weather will ready make it hard to get things done in a timely manner. I just wished it was all finished and the house was all sealed up for the winter.

     I have been adding detail to my new office. Painted my chair by adding a bit of color to it with a peacock. Now I am thinking about a mural for the wall. I want to feel warm when I am in there working and have some great ideas to make that happen. I have moved a few plants in to give it a more welcome look and I brought back my rocker with my massager in too. I am looking for the perfect rug to go in the middle of it all. As much as I hate rugs I think it will save the wear and tear on the newly stained floor. I have added shelving behind my rocker to accommodate a good bit of my art supplies and other things. 


     This month is a very hard month to get through as I feel a good bit older every year since I have reminders with my oldest and youngest children’s birthdays  reminding me of how old I have become. This time of the year I feel very depressed too for so many reasons. My biggest is not having my kids close and my heart feels the pain. It isn’t the holidays because I don’t celebrate them. It is just knowing how I have lost my kids to a far greater fears, the world. 

     Spring needs to get here soon with sunshine and warmth so I can get back out and get more going here on the farm and in helping others. New life and new beginnings. I just pray we all find joy in one another through all the great things our Grand Creator has blessed us with.