Saturday, February 17, 2018

Tragedy Hits Closer to Home

    Many people have been saying prayers and talking about the shooting this week at the school in Florida. People are truly angered by the slackness of those in charge of stopping these kinds of awful things from happening. Is it gun control, mental health issues or people control? I have written a poem instead. My heart is always shattered a bit more since I work in a school and I too would give my life to save my children. I hope you find this as a tribute to all those children.

Shots Fired!

     Shots fired ringing throughout the school,
     Sounds of terror runs so deep and cruel.
     Students scatter in chaos as the sound of bullets go flying.
     Some may fall and end up dying.
     Others searching for shelter under a desk or closet, locking all doors.
     Cries of pain and prayers go out by the scores.
     Cries of fear and sorrow,
     Will they see another tomorrow?
     Salvation seems so far from sight,
     Will they make it through this horrible night?
     Pray, pray, pray!
     What will they say?
     Phone calls to parents and loved ones say
     “I love you, please help me I might die today
     Grasping close to friends, holding on so tight
     Hoping it will end and they will be alright.
     Will we keep seeing this fear all through the years?
     Cut short are dreams and lives of innocent children so dear.
     Parents hold fast to your children each day
     And tell them you love them in every way.
     Give them all the love that they need
     For another tomorrow may steal our precious seeds.

       Parents we have a job to do to keep our children safe and well-loved. Too much time sending our kids to brutal video games and not enough time spent teaching them the true things in life …love. So much hate has come up in their hearts. Sit down and talk to them, learn what their fears are, help them work through them. Pray with them, read the Bible, eat at the table together every day that you can. Listen and don’t send them away, because some day we could end up paying. You are their heroes and their mentors set the standards for love and not hate. Drop the prejudices and start making a paradise instead. Give our young ones a chance to survive. Tomorrow may be too late….  

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Stir Crazy

      I don’t know about you but I have had my share of cold wet winter. I am going stir crazy. I started preparing for my garden. I planted several kinds of non-GMO heirloom tomato seeds along with two different kinds of eggplant, some Habanero and Thai peppers and cilantro. This is just for starters. I am so looking forward to having a garden this year since last year went belly up with other things that prevented me from getting it in the ground. I am going to have a decent garden this year if it kills me. I need to find a space to sprout my cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, melon, pumpkin and cucumber seeds. I may have to find a space out under the tarps for now. Right now my house is overwhelmed with all my trees and other plants I brought in for the winter. With all the other things going on inside with the renovation it is so crowded. I have four garden raised beds ready to plant once the frost warnings are final.  Stuff like carrots, peas, spinach and lettuce will be out there soon in one.I can't wait to see it growing.